??????????? is a small, but active edgy/aesthetic server -- we have a webcore theme, which takes inspiration from early geocities websites, as well as emo and scene culture.

— female owner

  • our community is very inclusive of girls and women, and we have a zero tolerance policy for sexual harassment, leaking private pictures, etc.

—120+ emotes (vast majority are exclusive to our server!)

  • webcore, anime, y2k, edgy, and meme emojis

—lots of fun bots

  • some of our favorite are our premium mudae, premium groovy bot, dank memer, and yggdrasil, however, we have many more!

—low/no moderation

  • we have no auto-moderation and instead handle situations on a case-by-case basis. we are very responsive to our community, and many of the decisions we make are determined by the general consensus among our members.

—boosted server

  • we are currently a level 1 server, however, we are only four boosts away from reaching level 2! dm for information about rewards for boosting

—active vcs

  • most days, there will be vc activity throughout the day, although this is more concentrated at night (by us time)


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