We are a server that is all about space and space exploration! We like talking about all the science behind every rocket launch, as well as we like watching them. We are also a great place if you are Astrophotographer or wanna become one. Here is a little list of things you can do/see in our server!

• ? Watch and enjoy all rocket launches and events!

• ☄️ Get the lates astronomical events updates!

• ⭐️ Get all Space news in one place

• ? Learn about space, rockets, and everything else. Also if you need help with science or homework we can help you!

• ? Chat with amazing people who are interested in the same thing you are!

• ? Talk and discuss about rockets and space with people

• ? Rocket launch announcements with its ping role so we don’t ping everyone.

• ? Daily NASA APOD

Visit us and see it yourself!

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