The New Great Features of ? ꧁꧁SCRATCH TIME꧂꧂ ? :

  1. γ€ˆ?〉 Get Fresh News And Announcements!

  2. γ€ˆ?〉 Just Chill With Your Friends!

  3. γ€ˆ?〉 Talk About Scratch!

  4. γ€ˆ?〉 Listen To Music!

  5. γ€ˆ?〉 Run Your Very Own Taco Shop!

  6. γ€ˆβ›γ€‰ Play Minecraft Games!

  7. γ€ˆβš”οΈγ€‰ Play Intense RPG Games!

  8. γ€ˆ?〉 Laugh At Some Fresh Memes!

  9. γ€ˆ?〉 Watch Some Youtube!

  10. γ€ˆ?〉 Work Your Way Up Ranks And Become The Next Server's Admin!

  11. γ€ˆ?〉 Participate In Giveaways!

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