We are planning on building up a big discord community all around games (and other subjects in the future). Talk about games, trade in different games (Rocket League as an example), Team-up with Friends or random people in this community. HAVE FUN!!! On this server you can discuss different subjects with the people. Sure, for now there is not a lot going on, but this is where YOU can help. Invite your friends, promote this server and bring on lots of people who want to have fun. You can receive special titles, emotes and even a place on the « Board of Honor » which is reserved for the top 50 people. And most importantly, you can be part of something BIG and help build upon that concept ! As soon as you join you will have no rank, but if you stay and save the server you will get the rank „User“ when the admin is on. You can also get a „User+“ rank if you do something good for the server like invite some friends or help with good ideas and/or bugfixes. Plus you receive « exclusive cosmetic » titles as soon as you join the server and speak to the Admin for the first time: The first 10 people get the „OG-Grand-Master“ Title. The next 40 people get the « OG-Champion » Title. The last 150 people get the „OG-Player“ Title. There will be more Titles in the future. If for any weird reason you donate to the server, contact the admin and you will get a custom title of your wish with a custom emoji. (please note that this offer is limited to 3 people)

You can also join our Rocket League group by asking so via our contacts below.

To contact the Admin or Mod please choose one or more of the following choices :

  • PSN : G3rmanDanPlays
  • Contact him in PM’s or in the « support-room » -> « support-tickets »
  • Wait in the « waiting-room » of « administrator-room »

Rules : For now there aren’t any specific rules. Just be nice to each other and have fun.

We hope you stay and be part of our little, but maybe soon, big Family.

« Spread Love and Play Games », Dan.

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