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═BE RECEIVED═ You will be received with love in this server because the staff helps where they can. So you shouldn't worry about that. In this server you can do a lot of stuff and play a game is possible there and listening to a song is also useful that this can be done here. But you're looking for something but you can't find it in the server because it's not there you can always leave your suggestions in the server.

═INFO STAFF═ In the server we try to have at least 1 staff member online for help, because I think that is important.

═ADVERTISE═ In the server we have of course ad chanels for your own things to advertise. Do it there because we want to keep you in the server.

═EVENTS═ There are also events in the server example the event of Halloween where you had to tell a joke and you got a rank for Halloween. But we also have other things where you chalk a rank with the fact that you won an event. Isn't that nice?

═SCRATCH═ If you like scratch then I would definitely recommend taking this server because there are also a lot of scratchers on this server who would like to help you with projects if something doesn't work out.

═RANKS═ How do the ranks work in this server we have some. For levels per 5 you get 1 you can unlock more music channels there for example you wouldn't be interrupted by another person who wants to listen to other music and therefore quarrel, we don't want this so if there are too few channels the staff will do something about it. There are also ranks for counting that you order the 100, then you get the honour and you get a rank written on your body.

═WAT IF I AM TROUBLED ═ If you get harassed you can do something about it in this server. You can go to reports and report this because this is not possible. If it has not been done yet, we switch DISCORD IN

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