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???? ??? ?? ?????? Oh hello there! Welcome to our server! We are a server dedicated to worshiping your favorite Detective Conan Ships. Discuss art, fanfics, and ideas in our friendly environment and active voice chat. We don't tolerate any ship-bashing nor toxicity. Our server is set up to be configured to your preferences and allows you to choose which ships you'd like to see.


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We have different ships such as.....
? KaiShin
? ShinRan
? CoAi
? HeiShin
? AoKai

  • plus more And you can also request your own dedicated category..

Server Features:
⚽ Gacha bots that you can use to collect DCMK themed cards
?️ ||Locked NSFW channels||
? Role-play channels to let your imagination run wild
?️ Self-role for more contents in the server

Are you excited yet? Yes? Then what are you waiting for?? Click on the link to get access to the server! We'll see you there!!!!!

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