Welcome to Eratas, we are a writing community already over a dozen strong! We welcome everyone, though some experience with writing is preferred. Most of us are close friends, so come join the community!

Ten years after the earliest signs of humanity began to speak, we were blessed by a race known as the Ancients. They bestowed upon us the ability to harness the universe; In other words, something we like to call magic. Each human, and some others, is and are capable of utilizing this power in unique ways. Each of us were given a single, defined ability as our birthright, and we harness and cherish the blessings we have received.

Join a community based on writing, where you'll hone your skills and refine your craft! Compare your works and get feedback, become a better writer!

Plenty of channels for human interaction outside of the general chat. Out of character writing, fan-art, and lots more!

A realistic world, with grounded consequences. Never worry about not making a difference. Each character's action has an effect on the world around them, no matter the size or scope!

Please be aware that Eratas may contain content some may consider to be mature. If there are themes or topics you consider to be offensive or upsetting, please keep in mind we honor a free speech policy, as long as discussions are not violent or hateful, we allow free demonstration of opinions.

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