This is FlashE's server. FlashE is a youtuber who currently has 34 subscribers. In this server we just want you to have fun and enjoy yourselves! Like what FlashE does in his videos, just do random fun things! This is just a chill place where you can just have fun, play games with friends, and you can also have a chance to get into some videos! If you want you can go to our uploads channel to check out FlashE's videos. If you like the content do FlashE a favor and subscribe! FlashE currently does Fortnite, Among Us, and Roblox but he might start to do Minecraft! If you have any suggestions to make our server better or give him some content ideas we have a channel just for that! We also change the theme of our server to fit the holiday and we do some fun challenges! Come join in on the fun today!

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