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Do you live in Pentagram City? Are you tired of the constant drive by shootings, and muggers at every corner??? How about being torn apart by eldritch powers that lie with some of Pentagram City’s residents??? If you’re looking for a place to settle down peacefully, move to Anima Mercury today! Paradise awaits for you here!

This is a custom lore rp server, and a sister server to the Hazbin Hotel Shenanigans Skwad. The server is based around a city outside of Pentagram that is meant to contain unruly demons, as well as provide a peaceful life for those who just want to settle down, and was created with the cooperation of Charlie Magne. Everyone's powers are restricted by a collar that was made from Angelic weapons, with the exception to those who's powers are deemed not to cause discourse, or serves a universal importance. We have!: -Self assignable roles, color roles included! -Pingable roles for rp! -An easy rp setup that comes with many permissions so that rp is always interesting. -Allowance of cross over characters, cannon characters, and AU cannons! -An interesting server lore! -Wonderful, and friendly staff and people!

We also have partnerships, so if you’re interested, you may contact @♡Texas♡

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