Are you a fan of news that's looking for fellow news stans to share your fangirling/fanboying moments with? Or maybe you're just in for the fun?

Social Liveposting is just that! With channels catered to your Korean news fetish and roles to show off your favorite newspeople, we are here to provide an open-minded discussion about the stories that matter here and around the world!

What we have:

  • Channels for Korean news referencing the real-life buildings of each network
  • The Issue Check channel, derived from the JTBC Newsroom segment of the same name, which allows for open discussion about the latest stories here and around the world
  • Roles to show your love for your favorite reporters and anchors from any Korean network!
  • Channels for all your Korean culture fetish!
  • A chat for people who don't speak English!
  • Fun and passionate moderators who will be there to assist you anytime!
  • And most of all, a welcoming atmosphere ready to accept you anytime!

Even if you know little, we will be guiding you through every step our way! See you there!!

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