Ballad of Breshon is a brand new semi-literate RP community dedicated to providing an open, rules-lite system that allows for tons of creativity and freedom.

The Kingdom of Breshon has lost her king. Amidst a brewing war with the neighboring kingdom of Voth, tragedy has stricken the kingdom of Breshon. King Dresdon Novalan has died after a long battle with a crippling illness, and his son, Prince Ian, is still too young to take his place. In the ensuing power vacuum the people of Breshon are vying for a new leader. The infighting within the kingdom from the four major cities has sprouted into a war of its own. Now, the kingdom stands divided as Voth mounts an assault.

An ancient threat hovers on the horizon. In the last ten years, strange disturbances have cropped up around the kingdom. Towns have reported a sudden rise in attacks from wildlife, and strange creatures have been spotted in the darkest forests. Legends say that an ancient evil lies dormant in the mountains, defeated by heroes long ago, and though there are those who deny it, every day omens of a great augury come to fruition.

A kingdom in turmoil. Between the loss of their king, the threat of a Vothi invasion, and the echoes of a dark prophecy, the people of Breshon are in need of heroes to rise to the occasion, to bring peace to the land, to stand against their oppressors, and to protect them from the darkness that is creeping in at the vestiges of their great kingdom. Few have risen from the ashes and shown themselves to be worthy. Some fight for the throne, others vow to protect the kingdom, come what may. Still, hope is dwindling, though not all is yet lost.

Our server offers:

  • Extensive character options. Play as nearly any race.
  • Unrestrictive magic system. Tailor your character's abilities to your desires.
  • Active and friendly moderation team.
  • Super LGBT+ friendly!
  • Plenty of room for custom content including locations.
  • Tons of options for 'story roles' for your character to truly effect the story.

Ballad of Breshon is brand new and seeking active role players as well as staff! Please give us a visit!

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