The Great Monkeland. A wonderful place where humans and animals live together in harmony. The epic meme and gaming kingdom of King Monke. Join us, for when we will rule the world, we shall spare those who were one with us.

This server is a relatively new one. Make friends, do shitposts, post memes and discuss gaming. Gaming channels present and quite a number of VCs for serving purposes like streaming, talking, music and gaming. We have r6s players, csgo, apex legends, roblox, minecraft and much more. Has people from all over the world, and a fun place to hang out! Lots of fun bots like Dank Memer, OwO and marriage bot! NSFW channel is optional, it is visible only if you chose to get the reaction role. There is also an amazing lore to the kingdom of Monkeland.

The server is active nearly 24/7 as it has people from all corners of the world. With your help, the Great Monarchy of Monkeland will prosper to be one of the greatest empires in the history of Discord.

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