Hooty’s Palace is a server where you can join and have immediate fun and meet new people. We have tons of fun by chilling out in voice channels, playing a variety of games, and listening to music. We have a variety of customs roles. We also have a bunch of emotes and are always willing to add more.

Recommend 16+

You need to be active dont just join to join

:fire:Don’t join if you cant handle being flamed/roasted :fire:

:sparkles: 40+ funny ass Emotes :sparkles:

:space_invader: Lots of Among Us Players! :video_game:

:speaking_head: Fun & Active Social Server :microphone2:

:musical_note: Active voice chats (with the best and premium music bots) :headphones:

:robot: Best bots, Premium bots and custom bots!

:video_game: Tons of games to play

:computer: Friendly Staff Ready To Support & Help

:rainbow: Very Organized and friendly server

:dizzy: We want you to join us in Hooty’s Palace to help us expand our community! :dizzy:

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