We're a new 18+ only community that's focused on bantering and hanging out during this global crisis. We got tired of the usual "adult" theme servers, so this little gem was created! If that's what you're into, cool. Just know this IS NOT a heavily emphasised NSFW server.

We're looking for chill, silly people to come join our chill, silly community. It's not a super PC spot, so please if you're all about PC culture... we aren't for you. Don't be obnoxiously any one way, and you should be set!

Come mess with our server economy... we call them moons ;P We play JackBox Party games in VC and can do other games if that's what you're into. Come check us out, so we can check you out ;)

Things you'll find here... ✮Voice Chats ✮Emojis ✮Self Assigning Roles ✮Bots... so many bots.. ✮Economy ✮Resources

✮naughty treehouse admins miss you✮ ;)

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