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➣ Active, non-toxic and friendly community! ➣ Variety of channels to hang out & socialize in! ➣ Friendly and available staff from around the world! ➣ A wide selection of Discord bots to use (Dank Memer, Pokémon, EPIC RPG, etc.). ➣ Active and well-developed server economy. ➣ Frequent giveaways and events! ➣ Public advertising channels! ➣ 24/7 Active Moderation! ➣ Open for partnerships & alliances. ➣ Self-assignable roles! ➣ Always recruiting staff members, in our various departments. ➣ Constantly updated and growing!

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・We strive for the satisfaction of all our members! ・So give it a try and join us, we hope that you'll enjoy it here!

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