The Chrome Company Shadowrun 5e Living Campaign

We are a Shadowrun 5th Edition "Living Campaign" with a Mirrorshades to Black Trenchcoat atmosphere. In-game, we are a group of diverse criminal contractors who spend their nights running the shadows on behalf of the same mysterious criminal organization known as "The Chrome Company." We are a fairly new LC having opened its doors in October 2020, we currently have openings for players and GMs alike, we heavily value RP and seek to promote it as best we can.

We have an active, friendly, non-toxic, inclusive community of people, with active GMs and a consistent amount of runs being posted.

We have active games in the America, Europa and Oceania timezones.

We are open to all kinds of members, newbies and oldbies alike, people are friendly, welcoming and help get new players up on their feet and playing games as soon as possible Please join our Discord and introduce yourself.

The streets of Seattle in 2082 can be dark, dangerous, and sometimes fatal for those in our line of work. But remember: The Chrome Company is always hiring.

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