Government-assigned ’Talented Individuals’ have been recognized and accepted worldwide as the elite, acting as the perfect celebrities the average joe longs desperately to be. There are two ways to be chosen; manually selected from the crowds, or win in a competition against thousands from around the world. Whether you were in it for the fame, the money, or a comfortable life, the talented title hangs over your shoulders. This world has never known the wrath of despair, having dodged its claw up until now. There’s no reason to think you’d find yourself trapped, spilled blood being your only escape. You have been living comfortably with your ‘talent’ status for as long as you can remember.

Life suddenly twists onto a dark path when you awaken in an unfamiliar city. A fully populated, bustling, city.

A grinning figure that goes by an eerily comedic name appears on the small screen of the device you find discarded at your side. It instructs you with a monotone voice: Kill one other ‘talent’ within the city to win the game. You must do this without ever getting caught, or appearing suspicious to the civilians, or else your life will meet a quick, harsh end. The prize for winning? A guaranteed escape back to your normal, privileged, life.

Will you make it to the end, or will you snap and act against your fellow participants? Act wisely, Talent, and make your escape.


➤Cast Portraits for all Participants, Plus Body Discovery and Trial art for Each Chapter!

➤Pixel Sprites for all Participants, Included in Server Emojis and Report Cards!

➤Animated Pixel Execution Videos!

➤Fun and Interactive Trials - like Playing the Real Game!

➤A Highly Ambitious and Eventful Experience!

Application Deadline: April 15th


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