Welcome to Dawah Hub.

We are a newly formed community, Here we discuss Islam, Religion, History, Atheism, and more. The purpose and objective of this server are to create an environment possible for intellectual growth for our members. This is a place to hang out and learn and is a great community filled with many valuable resources and ways to boost your Islamic Learning.

Experience behind Dawah Hub Xeliuss#4250 has been a Discord developer for over 6 years, making these servers and selling them has made him an experienced server developer, while creating / selling server he has managed to get to learn about:

Friendly communication Fair communication Making things clean if they aren't already Providing top security for the server AND members Hosting events Hosting important evenings

What we offer:

  • A very friendly community
  • A live to-do list that the owner is working on so everyone knows whats being handled.
  • A leaderboard of how active people are
  • Respectful, mature discussions, friendly debates, and fun ofc :D
  • Debates
  • A Ticket system for every problem u might have with a description on how and what.
  • A ranking system the higher the level, the funnier giveaways / talks will get :)
  • And ofcourse alot of fun :)

What we are looking for: -Knowledgable people, people who have learned and memorized the Quran, Bible, and if possible Science / other Religions :D -Chat moderators -Very active people and nice people to chat with :slight_smile:

Contact Owner: Xeliuss#4250 ServerLink: https://discord.gg/j2xk2Wd2F5 Response time: Fast :O Ping: @everyone

PS: IF u know alot about Islam (I.E Hafiz) Christianity or Science, make sure to open a "role ticket" located in #?ticket-support once u have access to the rest of the server in order to obtain the "Debater" role

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