《New Horizons》

Welcome to Earth-73, a world in an alternate universe that was once very much like our own, but which has now developed into a very, very different place. It seems that Earth-73 has attracted the attention of the seemingly omnipotent being known as 'Xedite': for reasons we cannot possibly ever know, Xedite has chosen to bestow supernatural powers (now called "meta abilities" or "powers") upon the inhabitants of this world in the early 2000s, forever changing the course that this alternate world would take.

Except that is not the full story. I must confess, wanderer, I have not been fully truthful. Meta abilities have existed since the early beginnings of mankind, but early man did not have them. They were initially held exclusively by beings from other dimensions that have prayed on mankind throughout its history. Xedite has simply... leveled the playing field, shall we say. And humanity has benefitted greatly from this.

It is now the future, but how far we are into that future is unknown. We now live in a golden age of technological development, partially brought on by meta abilities: advanced cybernetics that prolong our lifespan and our natural capabilities, intelligent androids and robots massed produced for commercial and military use, experimental "meta tech" using our new powers and our current technological prowess being just a few examples. Yes indeed, it seems that life has never been better... but things become insidious when you look deeper into things.

We live in an era where criminals have become increasingly emboldened by their new meta abilities, and neither the police nor the new "heroes" seem able to keep up with them. Well our lifespans and our natural capabilities increased, this has not brought the increased quality of life we had expected and hoped for. Our intelligent creations, yearning for their freedom, go rogue in higher numbers each year, much to the detriment of their creators and their owners. Things can't stay like this forever. It's only a matter of time before... Well, only Xedite can say for sure what'll happen, but I can say this: the status quo must change eventually.

《What We Offer》

• An All-Inclusive Experience Where All Are Welcome

• A Staff Team That is Always Willing To Help You

• Extensive Roleplay Opportunities For Everyone

• A Whole Lot of Science And Urban Fantasy, Supernatural, Cyberpunk, And More

So, what are you waiting for? There's a world of possibilities waiting for you!

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