Webwide is an inclusive, supportive community of professional and hobbyist web designers & developers. Whether you're in training, a seasoned pro or anything in between – join us in a variety of friendly chit-chat, knowledge-sharing and activities.

This is a premium server with a $3/m membership fee.

A small monthly membership fee means the larger the community gets, the more resources there is to invest in moderation and keeping Webwide a safe, self-funded, democratic community. It also helps to cover platform fees and fund tree plantings.

Subscriptions are powered by Ko-Fi and can be easily cancelled from their account area at any time – no hard feelings! During checkout, you'll be invited to the Webwide Discord server where you can join with an existing account or easily create a new one.

Webwide has a strict code of conduct and we reserve the right to suspend your access at any time with no refund if you are deemed to be in breach. We may use your active subscription email to contact you about important service updates. Your usage is also governed by the Discord and Ko-Fi privacy policies.

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