Welcome to Sporttixx Development!!!

Here are some FAQ answers for this community

-Are there really good rules on this server???

Yes this server has rules for every single one of our social media groups.

-Is there decent staff?

Currently we have a few staff members since we are a new community but we have 2 staff applications open at this very moment.

-What kind of events occur in the server?

On this server we allow the community to make their very own giveaways but you would have to DM a Sporttixx Giveaway Manager to tell them what kind of giveaway you are doing then they will post it on the giveaway channel. Please be sure to read the giveaway rules before making a giveaway.

-Is the Sporttixx LGBTQ+ friendly?

Yes for sure! We will not tolerate any homophobic's that offend anyone in the LGBTQ+ Community.

-What is this server about?

Sporttixx Development is a community server filled with Developers/Designers and you can join them too even if you don't develop/design anything. All that matters here is bringing the community together.

-Can you sell your creations on Sporttixx?

Yes but you will have to sale your creations you will have to go through the selling rules then apply for the @Creator role.

Enjoy your time Sporttixx Development

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