Somethings About The Server:

15 Hunter voice lobbies. (more to be added all locked to 4 person lobbies)

Maps page with camera locations and Ouija board spawns etc.

Tips page with helpful hints (such as photo opportunities)

Rules page and 3 strike program to curb the trolls.

Friendly staff and fellow hunters.

Active admins.

The plan is to have a fun place for everyone to enjoy, and find easy groups for the game. Any server ideas can be mentioned to a mod or admin and will be considered. Help us grow the server and invite your friends, the more we have in the server the better the experience will be. Only request for invites is that the person owns the game, only cause the server was created for it after all. If anyone is interested in maybe a guide type roll to help new players, please acquire with an admin. Any news or tips related to updates to the game can be mentioned to a mod or admin to be posted.

we thank everyone who has joined the server so far, we look forward to a lot of great hunts.

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