A city-themed server ran by degenerates looking to help others grow, and share what they are passionate about. Rat City has a colorful array of citizens, from nerds, artists, clout-chasers, people of culture, to outright nomads—all of whom will find a comforting sense of disdain in calling this city their home. Our city is fairly friendly and inclusive to all. Our most notable locations would be the “art exhibit” where citizens can post their creations, the “meme gallery” where citizens can send submissions to my memepage, and “Hueys pub” where citizens can pop a cold one. Oh yes “ratcity”, you love to see it.

A list of what we offer: Verified channels for NSFW content, Booster Perks, Helper Perks, Weekly events, D&d channels, Self promo channels, Server Partnerships,

A list of what we plan to offer: VIP channels for boosters and helpers, A Currency system,

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