Pliodrera is a land full of history and beauty, every man who set foot here was enchanted by her people and her cities. There are many legions who lives here: Mytopia with its beautiful mountain, Aquar with aome splendind waterfalls, Eupharcur, the land of centaurius, Lithandir with all its plains, Tyrosova that has both mountains and glaciers and of course, last but not least, Sprangar, the land of the ice. Someone might say that the people of this legion are cold as the ice in which they actually live; that might be true for some aspects, because it all started there.

A long, long time ago Pliodrera was just a little city, governed by the family of Ebonywood; they created all the legions that we know today and made them delevolp their own identity (and rulers, of course) but when the king was about to die, he decided to give the throne to his second child and he sent the oldest to rule the legion of Spangar. The oldest son wasn't happy about that and tried to steal the throne many times but his brother was just too powerful to destroy. Many years passed and all of the heirs nourished the hate of their ancestor; unfortunately, no one succeed to revenge him because they all died young, but now the kingdom is ruled by a young prince, a young man who is determined to revenge his ancestors. He waited for the perfect moment, and that moment arrived: the king of Mytopia died suddently and the country is now ruled by a young princess and her court assistants. He declared war but the princess wasn't able to fight alone, she was young and she couldn't stand a chance, so she called a meeting with all the other legions of the land in order to help her. Will they help her? Will she win? You'll discover that only by playing with us.

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