This is a story-based RP that takes place during the time period known as the Century of Blood, that started out as little project just between my friends and I since we're all so passionate about this world and it's lore. So for a while we've had this vision for this RP that we wanted to do with our characters, but we wanted to open it up a bit to make the world feel more real and so more people could join.

So here's a little summary on what our vision was/is: Keep in mind that this is just a vision and that everything is subject to change, we are using our story prompt as a guide so we're not all fumbling around trying to figure out what to do

In this divergence of the time period known as the Century of Blood, Instead of Aenar's children Daenys the Dreamer and Gaemon the Glorious, Aenar has twin girls named Rhaenara and Maella. Maella had a prophetic dream of the doom befalling Valyria when they were both six years of age. Thus their father Aenar (now dubbed ‘The Exile’) gathered up his family and all their dragons and fled to Dragonstone. Sure enough, twelve years later the doom came to pass. Today, Rhaenara and Maella dream of reuniting the world into the New Valyrian Empire, starting off with Westeros.

But this RP isn't just about us, it's about you as well and what your story will be and how you will interact with other characters; whether you will join them or oppose them or make your own way in the world. The world is yours and what you make of it.

We are trying to stick to the lore as much as possible, but are diverging a bit to make the story our own. In doing so, it gives us all a bit of creative freedom with the RP, especially since not much is known about this period in time in the ASOIAF universe. The lore and vision are simply guidelines that we can follow.

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