☟ ✌ ☹ ☹ ⚐ ? ☜ ☜ CURRENT EVENT: HALLOWEEN Have you been waiting for a crossover undertale rp server that doesn't ban Xtale? Well, here is your good news! We are a LGBT friendly server! We have more than 10 channels! We also have a argument channel for those who want to take off their anger at someone! This is a new server so you should join! Lore: The Creator made a huge chaos after fighting with the Destroyer,he accidentally erased 10 universes,and then fused the rest into this one creating a new one named "The Universal Chaos" The Creator and The Destroyer itself were confused but they continued with their job,since this is a fused universe we are basically 30 universes into one. But they accidentally did that four times. Meaning that there is now six alternative universes that are not fused. The Creator myself tried fixing them but failed. The Destroyer was disgusted to what we accidentally created. It was pure chaos. check our #lore channel for more info! We currently have 6 AUs but with your help and information we can have up to 10! Join now! https://discord.gg/qWR9Km4Kr9

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