Phew! You're here, Hero.

I'm so glad I found you. We're going to need all of the help we can get. I'll get right to the point- The gods have erupted into a war. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians.. even the Norse gods are involved! Camp Halfblood became a refuge point for the Roman demigods after Camp Jupiter fell. It seems the Nords and Egyptians are teaming up in some "winner take all" against the Greco-Roman gods. Some of them are sick enough to drag their kids into it.. and all manner of mythological creatures.


Greetings! This plot is as described. Four major pantheons have gone to war, pitting the Greeks and Romans against the Egyptians and Nords in a battle for the Earth. You can join in on the fight as a determined hero, a treacherous foe, or an innocent caught in the crossfire. It's your choice! The possibilities are incredible!

We have:

  • A literate roleplay space where advanced literates and semi-literates are welcome!
  • Canonical roles! Fight alongside Percy and his friends!
  • Original Character slots so you can create your own hero (or villain..)
  • A safe and accepting space where all are welcome!
  • Experienced, friendly staff!

So come on in and join the fight! If you're brave enough..

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