Welcome to Satan's Playground, a discord server dedicated to free speech, freedom from the grip of religious government, and the pursuit of knowledge! Though this server is new and small, I hope for it to grow into a large community full of like minded members who love to talk about moral issues, the pursuit of self enlightenment, and memes (of course). Though the main point of this server is to bring non-theistic Satanists (i.e TST) together, all people are welcome. Please note that you may see your beliefs challenged here, however weather from the occult, Christianity, or scientology (grimacing), so long as you feel the need to fight for justice, the rule of fair law, the pursuit of knowledge, and the separation of church and state, as well as do plenty of shit posting, I say to you:

Hail Satan!

*please take a second to read the rules and get to know the server layout

  • This server does not claim to act on the behalf or represent any organization or religious institution

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