Hello! I'm Stary the one who's writing this description, I am the owner of Heaven & Hell and we are looking for new members to join. How about you read the rules to decide if you'd like to join or not? I can guarantee we can take a joke, and don't take things seriously unless we must! We all are friends here and there is no need to be shy. <3 :white_heart: Hello! Welcome to Heaven & Hell. Please read the rules below :white_heart: v v

  1. Please do NOT be rude to any staff (including Co-Owner & Owner)
  2. Staff's final decisions are the final answer, you may not disagree with your punishment if something against our rules is done
  3. Respect other users
  4. Use common sense
  5. For your own safety, (you will not get in trouble for this if its done) don't share too much information about yourself
  6. We accept all ages! Just we will not tolerate pedophiles
  7. Take personal issues with other people to DM's
  8. Cursing is allowed, just not excessive cursing or directed towards another user
    Enjoy the server! DM a owner or staff if any issues with another player occurs. We do not ban/kick without evidence and warning.

Stop on by! We accept any religion, color, pronoun, gacha community people and are LGBT+ friendly!

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