MountainT Development

Our Community is built around the members within and the resources of which they would like to see and use on a daily basis. We provide coding support, future bot/website/programming support channels at all users free of access.


• Keep the textchats to English Only. (Other languages please take to DM's / Private channels.) • Toxic behaviour is not welcome within our server. • Do not spam / shitpost within any text channel of this server. • Ear-Rape, Screaming or Disruptive behaviour within any Voice Channel is not welcome. • Keep Racism / Sexism / Homophobia to a limit, do not cross the line.

• No discussion of illegal activities such as drugs, threats or hacking. • No talk or joking about rape, sexual harassment/abuse or anything along the lines. This is not tolerated at all. • No Sharing Bot/User Tokens / User Login Information. • No Doxing - Do not share, ask or look for the personal information of anyone inside/outside of the community. • No forms of status advertising, such as Discord links, Websites or unknown services. This does not include live streaming statuses. • Avoid Political Drama. This is a Discord for Coding and is Community Related

All rules apply to all Voice Channels, Text channels and User DM's

Discord Terms of Service

Find here:

**Notes: **

• If your behaviour is not deemed "Appropriate" for this server, Staff have the ability to enforce a kick/ban even if does not line up with the setout rules. • All rules apply to both User and Bot.

Bot Support: • TwitchBot Support • Corion Support GitHub/General Coding Support: • GitHub Support

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