〘 Story 〙 Beaverclanners have lived for centuries in peace spending their days within the Oasis. They're ruled by the Enlightened leader as they worship the Beaver goddess Cada who controls all known life sources. The clan cats have followed their god dutifully, but her erratic whims now have the clan in a flurry.

〘 Plot 〙 Dying trees, chilling breezes, and the looming threat of famine nearly several seasons earlier than usual have begun to plague the Oasis. An ancient unknown looms across borders beyond a Beaverclanners wildest dreams. Sunstar must bridge this strange gap of past pain and save her clan from certain destruction.

〘 Need Members 〙 We're a very new group, and so our numbers have yet to increase. Please, bare with us as our server slowly progresses to a finishing point.

〘 Open Staff and High Positions 〙 Staff will need constant open communication and a listening ear if there's a sticky situation. Experienced users are preferred. When you first join the server, a sign-up link for MOD will be available in the rules channel. High Positions can be earned.

〘 Character 〙 Several channels dedicated solely to roleplaying. That way, members have the freedom to 1v1 or participate in larger group rp. Character channels where you can dump plots/ideas are available, several in-character channels, and out-of-character channels.

〘 Age and Breeding System 〙 Characters will follow the aging system. 1 IRL month = 1 moon. The breeding system will follow a realistic outcome of litters and approved mutations/disabilities.

〘 Roles 〙 Self-assigning roles to access exclusive channels.

〘 Art and F2U bases〙 Chapter markers, art, and several F2U premade bases from Kit to Elder created by the Owner.

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