(( ♪♫♪ You hear a lovely voice in the distance..as you approach you begin to hear a womans voice grow louder.. upon investigation you discover an Eyebot transmitting a broadcast! ))

...Welcoming all residents of Appalachia, we are Allies.  We're here to help, trade, share tips and are very active. Transmitting location data now, see you soon!... ((Message Repeats))

We have: Livestreams, Music, Trading, RP, PVP, Help Finding Teams, Giveaways and Free shops for traders!

Bots: Epic RPG, Casino, Pokemon, Dank memer, Games and more!

For Playstation, PC and Xbox ))

https://imgur.com/a/SxPAFmH https://discord.gg/nAtaQNKMvu

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