Welcome! This is a community aiming to make a webcomic! We're still fleshing out the world, but feel free to join us! However, this is also an art community, for writers, artists, and music artists alike!

We support many different creators, so if you just want to share your art or writing, or something else you've made, feel free to join us!

We're rather lonely down here, and everyone is welcome. Even if you can't help our project, we still appreciate you coming by and interacting with our community!

It's always nice to talk to new people, so come on down and say hello!

All our OCs and storylines are open to fanart and fanfic, so if you get bored, there's always that, too.

We've got:

  • Chat channels (Gosh, I'd hope so)
  • Various media channels
  • Reaction roles!
  • A bunch of art channels (Cuz that's kinda the point)
  • NSFW channels (Only for posting your own art, not random porn)
  • Me
  • People
  • Uhhh.... bots! We got bots- I think? Caroline! Caroline, c'mere! Do we have bots? Yes? Yes we have bots! Thank you Caroline, you can go now.

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