Set in peak Viking age, Völuspá is a saga that will take you to 9th century England, where the sons of Ragnar Loðbrók are celebrating the victorious battle of York. Having avenged the death of their father, with Northumbria under their belt, they now have their eyes set on Mercia. There, king Burgred’s army is doing its best to fight off the hit and run Welsh, seeking help from the brothers in law from Wessex Aethelred and Alfred. Wessex, on the other hand, is still standing strong and has its own ambitions: to unite all England under Christ, and under its rule.

Who will rise? That’s upon you to decide! We are a friendly community that welcomes all literate players 18+ who love history, Norse mythology or the TV series Vikings and The Last Kingdom. Bring a historical/TV character in the game or make your own unique OC - as great destiny may be waiting for anyone, there are no small roles. Our story is being written since November 2020 and some of our main characters have now also become available for recasting. We offer you the chance to become a critical part of the story, help build and expand the world. The opportunities are endless!

We are an 18+ Server Mature Writers Multi-Para(Some Novella Writers) Many spots to write and choose from. Applications are done by Google Docs Friendly Staff Welcoming Group of Writers/Laid back

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