This is my first ever discord bot that I have put effort into making. I wanted to add XeniBot to as it can be fun and useful on other servers.Checkout the current commands of XeniBot:

%help - Displays a message showing most commands(There are some secrects for you to find!)


%clear - Bulk deletes messages. Default is set to 2.


%kick - Kick a mentioned user

%ban - Ban a mentioned user


· %ping - pong!

· %8ball (still in maintenance) - Think of something, then use 8ball!

· %av(avatar) - Get your, or someones avatar

· %dadjokes - good old dad jokes

· %pp - yes

· %gayrate - Rates how gay you are

· %simprate - How much of a simp are you?

· %facts - Simple facts

· %roll - Roll a random number!

· %topic - Use this for random topics to talk about!

· %wyr - Would you Rather?


· %hug - Hug someone

· %slap - Slap someone

· %cuddle - Cuddle with someone

· %punch - Punch someone

· %kiss - Kiss someone

· %poke - Poke someone

· %highfive - Give someone a Highfive!


· %cry - Cry emote

· %dance - Dance emote

· %laugh - Laugh emote

· %think - Think…

· %greet - Greet someone~

Animals: See cute and adorable animals!

· %animals

· %bird

· %bunny

· %cat

· %deer

· %dog

· %duck

· %ferret

· %fox

· %parrot

· %rabbit


· %cake

· %dessert

· %foodporn

· %sushi

· %ramen

Extra: · %Privacy - See the pivacy Policy of the bot

· %support - Support server invite

· %advice - Some wise phrases

· %invite - Invite the bot

· %prefix - Show the bot prefix

· %version - See the bot version

· %youtube - See my youtube

· %updates - Check the info on updates

I hope XeniBot useful on your server! I am constantly adding new features to the bot! I am new to programming discord bots and programming in general, so I feel proud of my creation. I am always taking suggestions, so feel free to dm me or tell me in the support server! Thanks, hope you enjoy!

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