Hi!! Welcome to Frog Cult~!

This server is super new so please don’t mind the occasional troubleshooting. We have tons of INCLUSIVE self roles and friendly staff already, but we’re just getting started. Please feel free to join and make yourself at home, we’d love you to be a part of the community. Also feel free to talk to any staff members, we are looking for help!

If you like to debate/argue this place is great because there’s always some sort of (mostly friendly) debates.

We also have strict rules and staff members that uphold them at all costs to make sure you feel safe and welcome. This is a FRIENDLY TO ALL community so please feel loved and appreciated, because we love and appreciate you! <3

Feel free to dm @Tilly with ANY questions or issues I will be sure to make you’re server experience as amazing as possible.

With love, Tilly.

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