Welcome to God Among Us, a small server seeking to grow big one day!

  • The RP takes place in California
  • 2021 is the year and the pandemic doesn't exist
  • Stand users are uncommon (In a class of 24, 2 would be stand users)
  • Only the arrows exist so no Hamon or Spin as of now

Right now Fyre Festival 2021 (Plot Event) is in business! Travel to Hawaii to witness what should have been a fun musical party for all! There's still time left to join, so don't waste your shot!

This server has:

  • A very open lore!
  • Custom Stand Creation.
  • No Canon Characters and Stands besides from arenas.
  • Turn-based RP.
  • A story based around either player-choice or staff-driven events.
  • Many locations to RP in.
  • Subplot creation.
  • Stand stat system as well as a blacklisted ability list.
  • Suggestion chat where you could bring up your ideas for the server.
  • Semi-Literate or Literate RP (though having shorter replies occasionally is no big deal).
  • A void arena and RP, perfect for rp scenarios of your dreams to become real.
  • Angelo Shrine!

Hope you'll enjoy your stay!

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