Come join a story-driven roleplay set on an alien planet, Krypton, where humans have been genetically engineered and enslaved as workers, soldiers, and companions for thousands of years. Many humans are perfectly happy with their roles and are treated well by their Kryptonian owners, but just as many humans are disgruntled, mistreated, and long for true freedom.

Currently in a changing political climate, the noble families of Krypton struggle against one another as they strive to reshape society to their own ideals, while humans are caught in the chaos of the middle ground. Join as either a Kryptonian or a human: vie for power against other Kryptonian families, fight in the human revolution, or just try to stay alive. Whatever your choice, there will be the opportunity for political intrigue, murder, kidnappings, and a slowly-unfolding story shaped by your participation.

Join now and see if Citizen Canine is the right fit for you! Characters from various fandoms are allowed, as are OCs. Players must be aged 20+.

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