Welcome to Emoji Server! This server was made to provide nitro users to have plenty of emojis in hand for you to enjoy in your other servers. This server includes many different varieties of emojis for everyone to enjoy. Some things to note about this server is that it includes:

• Lots of emojis to choose from in your servers!:space_invader: • Partnerships! :handshake: • And more emojis because who doesn’t like to use emojis to express their emotions!:cowboy: • :nitro: Level 1 BOOSTED! :Furry_Dance_Rainbow: • Lots of different channels to play around in such as counting, playing around with bots like Dank Memer, Counting bot, and more! • Different secret channels for you to unlock by being active! [Unlock new roles!] • Music Voice Channel to jam to your favorite song(s)! • Giveaways occurrences! Why not click that join button and have tons of emojis to use in each of your servers! Hope to see you there!

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