The Archonian! This discord server was built by a small group with the hopes of providing a wonderful and open world for people to come in and roleplay. This server was created on the 27th of December 2020. The main goal of this server is to provide an interesting story with plenty of changes and drastic character development along with increasing the skill and literacy of all those that join us. This is mainly an English speaking server though but we do not discourage those who are poor at speaking. We are always open to judgment and criticism so if you feel that we can improve, speak up!

On the subject of improving our members, we will actively suggest and point out many ways one can improve their skills. We are not against various kinds of literacy but we actively promote the lack of one-lining so if you are to join, keep with an open mind to both assist and be assisted!

Speaking of another subject, we are looking for people to fill a multitude of roles. From staff to character approves, if anyone desires to show their dedication in more than just roleplay we provide the means. Staff is those who regulate the chats making sure rules are followed along with being the main people to make updates. Character approvers are a separate role entirely designated to those who are trusted enough to allow or disprove the characters that may enter the world of Archonia.

A final note: Here in The Archonian, we are not lying dormant, we are constantly thinking of new things, events, and contemplating suggestions to always improve the server and the experience of every member. As we are human, plot holes and inconsistencies are bound to happen so we ask for the help of anyone willing. We focus very much on the community and take feedback very seriously. So if you have questions, comments, or concerns please tell us directly. We are here to listen!

So if this server interests you in any way, check it out!

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