Whalecum to Lewd Fee HQ

Here, we just chill, be horny and enjoy the fappables together by sharing or just using the bots that auto-post lots of different types of porn/nudes/hentai in our channels! Looking for a nice community (soon to be) filled with cool people? Join us!

++What is offered?++ ⛧彡 - Auto-Posting Lewd Content in various channels ⛧彡 - A relaxed, welcoming environment ⛧彡 - Personalized Self-assignable Roles ⛧彡 - LGBTQ+ Friendly ⛧彡 - Fun & Cute Emotes! ⛧彡 - Channel to find ERP/Cool friends/partners ⛧彡 - (SOON) Economy + Leveling System w/ Shops & Rewards

And much more to come, so give us a try and see for yourself!

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