Knotty Addiction is a growing NSFW Furry Roleplaying community server for users over the age of 18. We are BDSM oriented and take a strong stance against kink shaming.

NEW: Black Light District is a new but booming category for sadomasochist dark fantasy kinks that is walled off by a role to protect others.

• LGBTQIA Open and supportive! • Dom/Sub/Switch primary member roles • A Verified 18+ Only Chat • 32 Color roles • Over 50 self roles to choose from. • Public and Private ERP and Request Channels for both. • An economy bot to buy private channels, roles, emote slots and more. • Events and Movie Nights! • Active and friendly staff. • Community channels. • Furry, Hentai, and NSFW Selfie channels • Highly open to suggestions!

We love meeting members and getting to know them, but if you only lurk and make posts for Private RP, You're still welcome!

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