hi! (///ˬ///✿) in this server there are many things to do such as talk about interests, anime, k-pop, art, memes, music, hobbies, tiktok, and you can also do gaming along with much more. also, you can make new friends! We have many bots, categories, and text chats. you can also recommend things for our server in the ideas tab, with the text chat recommendations, and it will be added to the server. you can invite your friends in this server as well and have fun together in a text or voice chat! the owner and admin are always active and also we will be adding more staff as we go. we will have streams and game nights or events so you are welcome to attend to those as well! we will also have different events as well. we will also promote businesses, small or big, of the members in announcements, just contact the owner and you can go over with her. you can also text her for personal roles that you might want. our server has a cute aesthetic as well, along with our self-promo tab that you can put your servers or tiktok into. this server is also welcome to all, and you are always accepted. please put your name, pronouns, and age if possible in intros and we will put it where people have access to it so that we can insure you feel happy in our server! have fun!

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