:sparkles: Grace field House :sparkles:

Are you looking for a place to talk with ppl, play games with bots, and even more?

Join us, where we offer things like:

➦ :robot:FUN BOTS like dank memer and owo ➦ :smiley: NON TOXIC COMMUNITY ➦ :005starstruck: star_struck: TONS OF FUN ➦ people_hugging: VIRTUAL HUGS ➦ :man_health_worker: (SEMI/NON) PROFESSIONAL THERAPY AND ADVICE


➦:loudspeaker:SELF PROMOTION CHANNELS (including discord servers) ➦:exploding_head: Spam Channels ➦:rofl:MEMES and ART channels ➦:joystick:GAMES and channels for them ➦:mortar_board:HELP WITH SCHOOL WORK ➦ :earth_africa: CHANNELS FOR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES ➦:headphones:MUSIC channels ➦:microphone2:Temporary VCs

Join Grace field House now :flying_saucer:

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