So, Mount Meg is designed to be a cozy and comfortable place for people to come and hang out and relax. We wanted to make it a place for everyone and not have be centered towards a certain community. So we added channels and clubs for almost every community we can think of. To make it different from other servers, we added something calling "Cabins", whenever someone joins, they will be assigned a random cabin (1 to 5) with help of bot and it will their cabin forever. Each cabin is lead by a cabin leader and each cabin has its own uniqueness, each is designed in a different way and has different cabin-specific rules along with the server wide rules. Cabin leaders are allowed to host events in their cabins and have fun with others! Once we cross 100 members, we have planned to host a event which will happen every month, in which 5 people from each cabin (chosen by the cabin leader) will participate in various competitions and one of the cabins will win the "Cabin of the month" award with some additional perks. The major problem in the server right now is what every new server faces, lack of members to host the fun events and give everyone a fellow group to talk to. Advertising is not much of a help because I dont see many people joining servers which are of 20 members, I mean, lets be honest, unless you really like the concept or its your friends', you wouldnt want to join a server with only 20-30 members. I dont want to do any kind of paid promotion or giveaway with req to join because that just invites people who joined the server because they wanted to.

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