Reeam's Minecraft Server, probably the best discord server because we have all kind of games you can play!

  • To get a certain role go to #【?】get-roles some of the roles will have feature like, unlocking new channels, getting higher rank, etc.

  • For any tips/questions/complains or just want to get something reviewed DM @(DM) ModMail

  • Check out #【?】giveaways for giveaways, events and more!

  • Take a look at #【?】ideas to tell me what i should add to the server!

  • Finally, take a look at #【?】information to see what else we offer!


Twitter -

Twitch -

Reddit - Check out my reddit account,

Youtube - Check out my youtube account and subscribe,

Other Things

Nitro Boost - Boost RMS to get special stuff that almost nobody else has!

Before you start advertising please look at our rules #【?】rules

Enjoy the server!

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