The Bucket welcomes anyone who plays Rust with open arms.

Rust Server Information:

  • BP / TT Wipes on Forced
  • Server wipes monthly
  • 500 > 1000 Slots available
  • Non Play Admin
  • Active Community

We have a Discord Community we're building to help cater for the AU Rust player base. We also have some pretty cool features in the Discord along with custom emoji's and music bot to chill out with.

Discord Server Information:

  • LFG / LF Team Channel
  • Clan Channels
  • Music Bot
  • Private Clan Channels
  • Active Community
  • Active Rust Server

!Rust Bucket

Rust Bucket is a place everyone can call home. Even zergs larger than some servers player pop. We encourage carnage, mischief and trouble, but have a zero tolerance for cheaters, we hunt them vigorously.

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