The Kool Kidz Konnektion Birth was never intended and basically just pure coincidence, an offspring which bloomed out of love between our lovely Discord/8 Ball Fam. Just when i tried to organize a hot movie night stream for my dearest discord / elite continental 8 pool fam, found out i couldn't fit in more than 10 people in a group chat because of the growing interest and support. A few bright minds asked me : "Jun, just make a server!". And here we are, an intimate and cozy discord server just for the FAM, CONTAINING ONLY the people i love and respect are basically allowed on this server.

At the Kool Kidz Konnektion we play Cards Against Humanity, 8 Ball Pool matches and tournaments, organize Hot Cinema Streamz, LIVE MUSIC PERFORMANCES with Q&A for young and upcoming artists Among Us, Minecraft, Talk Bullshizzle while showing each other MAD LOVE and respect ofcourse (ahem), sing Karaoke, play chess, skribble, puzzles, blackjack/poker, whatever you can think of, we have it !

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