Empty Ego aims to develop a self-sustaining network that empowers its members from the inside out. How do we plan to do this, you may ask? To begin, we stand strong with the Growth Mindset; We share it's strength, potential. Secondly, we always seek education, specifically that from a new perspective. This helps us consistently question what we are planting in the garden of our minds. Finally, we make a large effort to help people learn more about themselves through interaction with others. A large part of our internal growth is triggered by external means. With that, we must simply align ourselves with external variables that can help us reach our objective. As Aristotle put it, "knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom."


  • CREATIVITY - To develop the blueprints of who you truly desire to be.
  • PHILOSOPHY - To question and understand your path moving forward.
  • MOTIVATION - To turn ideas into habits, no matter the circumstances.

EmptyEgo.Com ❤️


Our server is home to a plethora of channels broken into core categories...


Your one-stop-shop to promote or find unique personalities. This is where our members and supporters can post their personal content for feedback, viewership, promotions, and more. We also look to partner with other companies with strong perspectives that aim to impact our society in a positive way.


  • GAMERS - For those looking to improve their abilities or just find friends
  • MUSICIANS - Chat, Share and ask about production, design & composition
  • ARTISTS - Build a network with other talented creatives, like yourself
  • DEVELOPERS - Evolve your understanding in multiple areas of development
  • ENTREPRENEURS - Gain or give Management, Marketing and Finance insight


In the future, Empty Ego will be home to a network of servers for multiple purposes. At the moment, our core focus is to expand our game servers to help build the area for users to interact within. Over time this may expand to applications, public events, and possibly more!


Over time our expansion is only limited to our user base, and what we can think of. With the core goal of building Growth Mindsets, we're bound to succeed with time.

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