‧͙⁺˚・༓☾ Welcome to Freeland City! ☽༓・˚⁺‧͙ This server is Not just a.. general roleplay server. This is a Exciting! Eventful! Active! Roleplay server! providing many things to do and many opportunities and a fun place to chat with friends! You may be wondering. What are some things our server offers? well.. We offer..

▹- Interactive Events!
▹- Exciting Group and Server Free Roleplays!
▹- Active Staff and Members!
▹- Friendly and Understanding Staff!
▹- RP lore, Place and Time!
▹- 50+ channels to RP in + Your Own Personal Channel!
▹- Fun voice chats with Music and Friends!
▹- Multiple Bots for you to Enjoy!
▹- Suggestion and Question Channels!

Are you Ready.. To start your roleplay adventure in Freeland City? If you think your worthy. Join our server and dive right into the fun! It might just change your fu-.. f-.. the camera feed glitches News Flash occurs... "..Wendy Sandi here, and Im obligated by myself to inform you about this beautiful city known as Freeland City, accurate to its title being an amazing area for expats and more to come..our community is simply beautiful! With many races and even species coming here!..We have amazing cafes..restaurants and a fair law system!..." The blonde smiles, as a door closes...She then has a worried look on her face.. "Are they gone?.." A muttered yes "Good..Now, I urge you. Do NOT come here, at any cost, this city's past..its horrible, villains attack us 24/7 and the police are corrupt, the schools are good enough but that wont stop villains from attacking..A monster destroyed the past city but now monsters attack us DAILY..if you dont wanna die..leave, go! Forget this ever was told to you, by ANY chance.. DONT GO TO THE-..Wait..Dont hurt me!NO!.." The camera fell as Wendy did, except only one of them was lifeless..Suddenly, its picked up. As a male reporter speaks. "..Do not worry about her..she has..mental problems, dont worry. You're safe here...with us." Flashes off.

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